Breakable Tooth Chocolate Tutorial *Step By Step Instructions* Video Included

Breakable Tooth Chocolate

A breakable chocolate is created from a silicone mold, this one is tooth shaped. The chocolate is melted using candy melts and the inside is hallow so the chocolate can be broken. You can place anything underneath for when the chocolate is broken (gifts, money, gift card, candy, etc.)

These are great for celebrations (birthdays, graduations, holidays) and you can make it match your dental themed party!

Supplies Needed:

Tooth Mold:

Mini Hammer:

White Candy Melts:

Crisco: Find at your local grocery store

Ribbon Shreds:

Window Box:

Disposable Tooth Brush:

Travel Toothpaste:

Travel Floss:


Glass Mixing Bowls:


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    1. Start by heating a pot halfway full with water to a boil, once the water boils turn the heat down to low. 
    2. Place your glass mixing bowl on top of the water, add chocolate melts.
    3. Mix with spatula and crisco until you get a runny consistency.
    4. Pour chocolate into mold (thin layer) and place in freezer for 7 minutes. After 7 minutes pour another thin layer and do this quick. Place in freezer for another 7 minutes.
    5. Carefully take the chocolate and pull the silicone away from the chocolate mold, NOT the other way around!
    6. Decorate the top however you'd like and everything is complete!

-While waiting for the chocolate mold to set-

  • Decorate the box with confetti, shredded ribbon, place goodies that would be under the chocolate and place hammer on the side.


*Watch the full tutorial here

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