Scrub Top Dental Tooth Resin Shaker Badge Reel

Create your own Scrub Top Dental Tooth Resin Shaker Badge Reel!

Step-by-step tutorial here:

Materials Used:

How to make it:

  1. Mix 1:1 ratio of Art & Glow's epoxy resin with acrylic paint color of choice. (*CAUTION-Make sure you are wearing gloves & a respiratory mask when mixing epoxy resin. Work in a well ventilated room or outdoors. YOU DO NOT WANT TO INHALE THE CHEMICALS)
  2. Mix slowly for 3-5 minutes & pour mixture into Scrub Top Mold.
  3. Wait 24 hours for epoxy resin to dry.
  4. Take out epoxy resin from mold.
  5. Outline Scrub Top with sharpie on plastic sheet & cut out shape.
  6. Put UV resin on stickers & light cure.
  7. Decorate inside of resin shaker with embellishments of choice ( glitter, stickers, etc.)
  8. Place UV resin along scrub top lining, place plastic covering with a small opening to fill resin with baby oil afterwards. Light Cure.
  9. Fill resin shaker with baby oil (fill in syringe)
  10. Use UV resin to cover opening and light cure.
  11. Place UV resin all over scrub top to dome, Light Cure.
  12. Rinse with soap & water.
  13. Measure Jewel Sticker Strip along Badge Reel.
  14. Use hot glue gun to glue sticker strip on badge reel.
  15. Hot glue gun scrub top mold onto badge reel.

FINISHED! If you decide to try creating this project be sure to TAG me on instagram so I can see your creation @dentaldiy #dentaldiy

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  • So cute!

    Anna N.
  • Wow this looks cool!

    Lana J.
  • How cute! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Mindy P.
  • This badge reel looks amazing. What an awesome way to make your own badge reel. Will def give this a try. Can’t wait until this kit becomes available.

    Jasmine N.
  • This looks so beautiful!

    Taylor M.

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